Free Workshop With Rich Dad Education

Do you want financial literacy? Do you want to learn more about how to make money in today’s economy? Well, if so, Rich Dad Education could be your solution. Rich Dad Education offers free workshops, live classroom sessions, personal mentoring, and online training in the areas of real estate investing and the financial markets (stocks, options, foreign currency, etc.). These trainings and other services can help you learn how to create ongoing streams of income from real estate and stock investing. They are designed to provide you with a solid foundation to begin your investing career.

The programs presented by Rich Dad Education can help students build the necessary skill set to succeed as investors. When it comes to making money in today’s economy, Rich Dad Education believes that financial knowledge is the most important asset; and that once a person becomes financially intelligent, that knowledge can never be taken away. It can give you the ability to create cash flow no matter what happens to the rest of the economy. The great thing about this organization is that you begin your journey to financial freedom at a completely free workshop. These workshops are held year round in major cities across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

When you learn about real estate investing with Rich Dad Education, you will receive a wide variety of helpful information. At their three-day training sessions, you will be introduced to a wealth of real estate investing tools and strategies custom-tailored for today’s market conditions, including:

• The 5 Ingredients for Success in Real Estate

• 14 Sources of Money to Fund Your Investments

• Developing the Mindset of the Rich

• Locating Deals in the Today’s Market

• Creating Multiple Sources of Cash Flow

Rich Dad Education also offers three-day training sessions for those interested in investing in the stock market. Here are just a few topics covered at those trainings:

• Developing the Rich Dad Mindset

• Where to Find Your Start-Up Capital

• Taking the Mystery Out of Stock Charts

• Harnessing the Power of Technical Analysis

• Limiting Your Losses & Locking In Your Gains

• The Indicators That Tell You When to Get In and When to Get Out

• Options: Reducing Risk and Increasing Rewards

• Finding the Trading Style That’s Right for You

For more information about the three-day training sessions or the free workshops, go to the Rich Dad Education website at or click here.


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